Redesigned ORH Website Offers Providers, Researchers and Partners Centralized Rural Veteran Information to Foster Increased Collaboration


orh-website-launch-aug2016_cropIn an effort to increase rural Veterans’ access to care and services, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Office of Rural Health (ORH) launched a redesigned website with all new content. This redesigned website offers Veterans, providers, partners and media easy access to the information they need to help improve the health and well-being of rural Veterans. The site was developed to help ORH achieve its vision that America’s Veterans thrive in rural communities, and is supported by a mobile-friendly platform to enable customers to access information when, where and how they chose. Continue reading

Home-Based Cardiac Care for Rural Veterans – YouTube

Alex Test Review o 13 Aug 2016


Veterans Health Administration TRAIN Portal Launches

Source: Veterans Health Administration TRAIN Portal Launches

The Public Health Foundation (PHF) welcomes the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) as the newest member of the TRAIN network! VHA joins 25 states and three other federal agencies [now includes Pennsylvania’s Department of Health as of this posting] that collaborate to build workforce capacity by providing training opportunities to more than 900,000 public health and healthcare professionals.

The VHA TRAIN portal launched on April 1, 2015, as a platform for sharing valuable continuing medical education to all community health providers and public health professionals, with a specific focus on Veteran-centered care. VHA TRAIN is supported by the Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System (EES), an internal education and training program office of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Continue reading

VA Updates Its Suicide Report – Majority of Veteran Suicides Are 50 and Older – We Still Don’t Know Why | Vietnam Veterans of America

Source: The Majority of Veteran Suicides Are 50 and Older – We Still Don’t Know Why | Vietnam Veterans of America

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