Redesigned ORH Website Offers Providers, Researchers and Partners Centralized Rural Veteran Information to Foster Increased Collaboration


orh-website-launch-aug2016_cropIn an effort to increase rural Veterans’ access to care and services, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Office of Rural Health (ORH) launched a redesigned website with all new content. This redesigned website offers Veterans, providers, partners and media easy access to the information they need to help improve the health and well-being of rural Veterans. The site was developed to help ORH achieve its vision that America’s Veterans thrive in rural communities, and is supported by a mobile-friendly platform to enable customers to access information when, where and how they chose.

VA’s rural health website concentrates on providing content specifically for providers, researchers, and program and facility administrators. The rural medical community can read about and download implementation information for ORH Rural Promising Practices on a variety of health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, cardiac care, geriatrics and HIV. Community providers can learn how to enroll in the Veterans Choice Program and students can learn about a career at VA. Researchers will have access to the latest published innovations in rural health care.

The redesigned website,, aims to be a conduit for community collaborations that support the integration of local, state and federal programs and services that support rural Veterans. The site offers centralized information on rural Veterans, and the programs and services VA offers in coordination with strategic national partners. The new partnership section of the website features a list of collaborating organizations, partnership efforts and an outreach toolkit.

To improve ease of use, the mobile-friendly site features information segmented by user-type, simplified navigation to reduce the number of clicks required to find information, resource libraries and a news feed. The redesigned ORH website disseminates knowledge about rural Veterans and their unique needs, including:

Rural providers, researchers and partners are encouraged to visit and link to the new website at Suggestions for additional content can be emailed to

Visit the redesigned website on your PC, tablet, or mobile device to learn more about ORH’s rural Veteran support at


As of 1 September 2016


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