Veterans Health Administration TRAIN Portal Launches

Source: Veterans Health Administration TRAIN Portal Launches

The Public Health Foundation (PHF) welcomes the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) as the newest member of the TRAIN network! VHA joins 25 states and three other federal agencies [now includes Pennsylvania’s Department of Health as of this posting] that collaborate to build workforce capacity by providing training opportunities to more than 900,000 public health and healthcare professionals.

The VHA TRAIN portal launched on April 1, 2015, as a platform for sharing valuable continuing medical education to all community health providers and public health professionals, with a specific focus on Veteran-centered care. VHA TRAIN is supported by the Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System (EES), an internal education and training program office of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Four accredited Military Culture Awareness courses are currently available on VHA TRAIN at no cost to participating practitioners. These courses are designed to help community-based health care providers and public health professionals better understand the unique aspects of providing care to Veteran patients. Additional courses on Veteran care issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health topics, will be released through VHA TRAIN in the coming months. These training courses will support providers who are now seeing increasing numbers of Veteran patients through the Department of Veterans Affairs Choice Program.

Please join us in VHA TRAIN!

Learn more about TRAIN Affiliate benefits and contact the Public Health Foundation’s TRAIN Team to explore how your agency or organization can participate in the TRAIN network.

Editor’s Update:  Currently the VHA offers about 40 free courses on a wide variety of subjects:


As of 6 August 2016



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